Strategic innovation sets us apart from other settlement companies.

Shiny, new toys for their own sake only get in the way and cause frustration. Many say “technology,’ but few deploy it in ways that actually improve your real estate buying experience. Here’s what we do differently.

Digital Money Transfer

The days of buyers racing to the bank the day of settlement or sellers or Realtors waiting for proceeds and commission checks to clear are in the past. Send and receive money quickly with the industry’s best security gateway.

SettlementBox Data

Our industry’s overdependence on local experts and manual processes is facing extinction. We utilize SettlementBox’s data and automation to secure real estate, clear and cure issues and guarantee your property faster and more securely.

Virtual Settlements

Remote settlements are a game changer, especially for investors, real estate professionals and second-home buyers. We offer the easiest online settlement experience in the business.

Insights for Client Success

We’re not just your best service provider, we’re your business partner. We invest in data and tools for identifying prospects for real estate professionals, marketing, and increased sales. We can help grow your business.

Real-Time Communication

You should never have to wonder how things are going or be surprised by any obstacles. Stay in the loop every step of the way with real-time progress tracking and notifications you actually want backed by human support.