We’re a settlement company that helps real estate experts grow their business in an evolving industry by simplifying transactions through technology and fanatical communication.

Our Vision

Claiming to have the best people and simply throwing them at an old approach is like throwing good logs onto a bad fire – the logs burn up, and the fire grows bigger. The pace of change and the needs of buyers, sellers, Realtors and other stakeholders will only increase. By building and deploying meaningful technology, we make it easier for people to interact with people.

Our Commitment

Settlement industry professionals waste far too much time performing tasks that smart technology can do faster and better and far too little on improving the experience we represent. We’re committed to meaningful innovation that frees our team to spend their time where they’re most needed – serving our clients.

Our Story

The seeds of SettlementEQ were born from deep experience in settlement and real estate and a hunger to solve the manual, antiquated settlement process. Our founders have spent a decade tearing apart the fundamentals of a settlement company and rebuilding an engine to facilitate real estate transactions faster, easier and more clearly than ever.