Other people’s debt can attach to your real estate.

Catastrophic events like past fraudulent sellers feel unlikely to most people, but the truth is virtually all property has debts and liabilities that can be inherited by new owners. Different rules in each state, county and municipality have made this complicated and localized.

Traditionally, our industry has depended on the deep, specialized knowledge of local experts for its entire history to solve these problems.

These experts are disappearing quickly. What happens when they do?

Our founder has been integral in developing technology used by many in the title industry to solve problems that appear in the title search, speeding up the process and protecting buyers and lenders more consistently.

  • Completely Rearranging Traditional Title

    Speeding and improving these parts you can’t see helps us focus on the parts you can see - communication. When your engine runs well, the ride is smooth.

  • Integrating Disparate Parts for Impossible Speed

    There are many moving parts and ‘cooks in the kitchen’ - title search vendors, municipal searches, tax authorities, associations, commitment production, examination, lenders, agents, buyers and sellers, and local governments. We’ve built automated processes and workflow to connect these dots easily and quickly.

  • Scaling Deep Knowledge

    There are 50 states, 3,000 counties and 49,000 municipalities, each with its own data, organization and rules about how debt attaches to real estate. We’ve built proprietary, instant access to the data needed to make decisions that guarantee the transfer of your property, ensuring we miss nothing and act quickly.